All products are quality checked prior to leaving our warehouse, so any product with no seal or the seal coming off will not be sent. If you have received your order and the seal has arrived broken or coming off, it is most likely an issue that occurred during transit. Most of the time there should be no issues with the product itself as most packages are only in transit for 24-48 hours. 

The internal seal itself under the product lid is made up of an edible gum that can come unstuck in transit due to the heat of the Australian climate. Fortunately, many sports supplements contain a small amount of extra product from the factory to comfortably cover the number of advertised servings. So, even if a small amount of product has is lost in transit due to the seal coming loose, you may still find that your item will still weigh the same, or more, than as was advertised. 

Your products lid also forms a protective barrier and will hold the seal in place until the product is opened - even if the gum has come loose in transit and appearing as if the product has been opened before.

If you have further concerns, please contact our Support Team on 1800 443 637 and we will work on finding a solution for you. 

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